Brainfart55 X Filter017 I Got Brain Series Candle Set - RUSSELL


In year 2015, Filter017 and Brainfart55 has collaboration again!
Insist the inspiration creative from life style!

Beyond last times design inspiration, this time we presents two theme candle set : F.B. JOE and RUSSELL, with Filter017's great design energy combine Brianfart55's
exquisite technique, let this times collaboration become more professional!

Combine Filter017 H.K.T theme - F.B. Joe, F and B means "F"ilter017 and "B"rainfart55, and the soldier's name is Joe, the inspiration is came from G.I. JOE, referred of the US active-duty army soldiers, Joe is also one of the most commonly name in military.

And the boy who wears baseball cap - RUSSELL, the inspiration is came from
Pixar's famous animation character.

The most noteworthy is the most important character in this collaboration -
yellow POP FATTY candle! Through Brainfart's recreation ,let the POP FATTY's humor indices up high to the sky!

Size:Candle holder – about 8*8*9.5cm(h) / Candle - about 4*4.5*6cm(h)
Fragrance:POP FATTY - Vanilla


  • You can use the upper lid to extinguish the candle, and you will see the smoky anger comes out from the eyes!
  • All upper and lower lids structure of IGB collection are interchangeably, you can compose your own Brainfart kid with lots of fun!
  • Candle holder could be placed about 4 cm diameter small candles and incense cone.
  • Never Leave A Burning Candle Unattended.

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